Background of HKMBA

The Hong Kong – Malaysia Business Association (HKMBA) is a non-profit organization established in May 2014 to promote trade and business opportunities between Hong Kong and Malaysia.  Both countries have always enjoyed a warm, cordial relationship through the years be it on the government level, business area or individual connection.   With Asia increasingly knitted together through a network of Free Trade Agreements, including one which ASEAN is negotiating with Hong Kong, it is timely to form HKMBA and provide a platform for businesses and individuals to network and exchange information, thereby generating business opportunities.

HKMBA is a member of the National Hong Kong Business Association and the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide.  The Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide is a unique network of 42 Hong Kong Business Associations in 31 countries and regions with over 13,000 individual associates.  This unique global network connects traders, buyers and professionals with strong business links to Hong Kong.   They are Hong Kong’s closest allies and partners in the world market.

Mission and Objectives

HKMBA is set up to achieve the following objectives:-

  • To promote and facilitate successful networking between businessmen from, and companies established in Malaysia and Hong Kong;
  • To widen business opportunities and exchange of ideas and experiences through contact with fellow members and non-members; and
  • To provide services and organise events that will facilitate the foregoing objectives including but not limited to trade enquiry services, information on trade, joint ventures and collaboration as well as assistance in business matching opportunities.
Legal Advisor


Mr Kuok Yew Chen

Partner || Christopher & Lee Ong || Service Provider || Legal Services